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Traceability with QR Code/RFID stickers

Track your products anywhere in the supply chain. with QR code/RFID stickers and systematically collect all history Track every stock move From receiving – inspecting products – packing, sending to the warehouse to the hands of the destination customers.

Just print and stick on products such as baskets, boxes, crates or pallets, making it possible to manage products efficiently.


Product Recall

Efficient, fast and cost effective.

Quality Control

Traceability controls every production process to meet quality standards.

Human Error

Reduce employee errors with technology

Paper Less

Reduce the use of paper for taking notes. Makes it easy to find information in the system

Real-Time Update

When scanning the QR code attached on the product Then it will be able to identify grades and weights into the C-THRU system in Real-Time. Using a scanner will help to collect data faster. and identifying information instead of typing It will effectively reduce mistakes.


When analyzing the data It will help to see the efficiency of production. Increase product quality and build credibility in exports. And can be traced back to recall the product when there is a problem.

Traceability solutions for upgrade your business to the next level.

C-THRU Traceability Generator and all the customization options needed to create QR code or RFID sticker tags that can be used to track products from the production line to the customer.


Take your business to the next level!