Work Order Management


Order management system, issuing work orders, assigning technician teams and working time from a central location Assign various roles and responsibilities and manage maintenance There is a report reporting results in real time.


Easily Customizable

Tailor your work order to your liking with endless options to personalize the design and functionality.


Experience lightning-fast work speeds for operation user experience and technician.

Smart Device

Built with the user in mind with a smartphone The job site can work faster and more conveniently.


Manage your work order it Easy!

Work Order Request

Opening work orders in the system for technicians or related persons Identify the type of work such as installation, maintenance, and can also set the priority of work.

Planning and Scheduling

job planning what work needs to be done How many people and labor is required? use tools What spare parts are used for repairs? and find a suitable day and time to work.

Work Execution

On-site operations are more convenient by using smartphones to start and close jobs and send job data back to the central system.

Closing Work

Closing of work must fill out various information such as labor and time spent on work, machine damage data, maintenance results record, number of spare parts actually used.

Work Review

Supervisors can select work orders that have already been completed to inspect. to check the quality of closing work Whether the information is complete or not.


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